The "Route Jacques Coeur"

At about 130 miles south of Paris the "Route Jacques Coeur" is an organized tour through centuries, with 18 castles among which is the splendid castle of Culan :
It is a mediaval fortress dating from the thirteenth century to the fifteenth century, and it is absolutely in a good state of conservation. Exceptional gothic frame, stokehold, very rare and exceptional wooden galleries animated with armed knights. Seignorial rooms full of furniture.

Here are some other castles on the "Route Jacques Coeur".

La Chapelle d'Angillon

La Verrerie

Ainay le Vieil

La Bussière

Jacques Coeur is the son of a merchant who made money thanks to the presence of the Court in Bourges. He was a very entreprising trader, he creates a fleet in Languedoc, sells and buys from the Mediterranean Sea to the Northern Europe : silk goods, spices, carpets, furs reopens mines and amasses an important fortune. He helps King Charles VII in his reconquest of France.
In Bourges, he built his "grand house" : the Palace Jacques Coeur, a masterpiece of civil architecture at that time. Jacques Coeur owned several residences along the Road that bears his name.

The Centre of France

Since 2000 years a Roman remnant, a milestone, shows " the center of France". It is situated in a village in the department of Cher, Bručre-Allichamps, twenty miles from Culan.

Thanks to the computing process of cartography, the IGN (the National Institute of Geography) has recently made a new calculation of the "Center of France". This time, it is the village of Vesdun that has been chosen. It is situated 4 miles from Culan.